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IMTS 2018

What’s New


Jobber Machine’s NEW features

  • New Machine Control, the Parker PAC Control with a 1.3 GHZ processor, either cat communication, and plug and play drive system
  • G-Code Interpreter
  • 10″ touch screen
  • No Machine Hydraulics
  • Dresser controls by stepping motor and ball screw design
  • New bed and base design, for cleaner look, and a more stable platform.



TG-12×4 Thrufeed NEW features

  • New bed and base design, for cleaner look, and a more stable platform
  • No Machine Hydraulics
  • All Machine controls through a touchscreen HMI
  • Dresser controls by stepping motor and ball screw design




TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy Bedrock Series Centerless Grinder

NEW Automatic Carousal feeder for components that cannot come in contact with each other such as hydraulic parts. The receptacles that hold the parts are 3D printed for “Almost Zero” tooling cost.

Features of Note:

  • SBS Grinding Wheel Balancer and Acoustic Emissions Sensing visible through the Machine’s screen
  • CNC grinding and Regulating Wheel dressers
  • Regulating Wheel Inclinometer for Helix Angle Sensing
  • Full Machine reporting through Advanced Machine Optimization
  • 8″ Thick Granite Machine Bed for Thermal Granite platform. Vibration and thermally stable platform with a flatness specification of .0002″ over the entire surface
  • Full Enclosure of the system
  • .1 Micron ram bed positioning
  • Gauging Feedback
  • Volumetric Grinding Option

NEW MACHINE Generation 3X


NEW 4th axis grinding wheel. This secondary 6″ diameter diamond grinding wheel is used for the fluting of parts or secondary operations. The primary grinding wheel can maximize stock removal and the secondary wheel can make intricate details in your part. This is a game changing option when grinding applications such as core pins or smaller applications such as endodontic files or intricate guidewires. This is a 3 axis system using a Jager Spindle and boasts -5 to 90 degree rotation so vertical slots or horizontal features can be introduced into the same part.

Features of Note:

  • Granite machine platform, 8″ thick
  • Live 3D graphics with full animation of the grinding process on a 17″ touchscreen
  • Gauge Feedback
  • Absolute or incremental control over Lengths and Diameters
  • EPL control over all axis for up to 20″ per second axis motion
  • Intel I 3 Core 3 processor at 2.0 gigahertz Windows 7 Pro and 1 gigabit connection between control and screen for FAST updates.


TG-12×8 Thrufeed Grinder

The TG-12×8 has had many new feeding systems adapted to it for the use of thrufeed grinding since its introduction two years ago. Since then Royal Master Grinders has integrated the following thrufeed grinding feeding systems:

  • Bowl Feeders
  • Dyna Slide Feeders
  • Step Feeders
  • Walking Beams
  • Bar Feeders
  • Conveyors with integrated post process gauging

TG-12×8 Infeed Hi-Accuracy Centerless Grinder

New Features of Note:

  • CNC over the wheel Grinding Wheel Dressing and automatic Regulating Wheel Dressing
  • Machine Enclosure
  • Robotic Loading
  • Gauging with Feedback for machine compensations

This machine at IMTS will be featuring Robotic Loading of 12 automotive parts. They will be retrieved and placed back in a pallet, however multiple loading options are available including step feeders, bowl feeding and pick and place.

The TG-12×8 Hi-Accuracy system has gained accolades for grinding multiple parts at a time including the following “multiples” applications:

  • Golf Balls ( 6 parts at a time )
  • Titanium Fasteners for the Aerospace Industry ( up to 8 at a time )
  • Automotive injectors ( up to 6 at a time )
  • Automotive general applications ( up to 12 at a time ) such as transmission valves and steering parts
  • Felt tip pen nibs
  • Crowned Roller Bearings
  • NiTi Bar stock up to 1.5″ diameter

Featured in a number of companies around the world, some of the applications include, carbide / PCD well drilling buttons, Medical, Aerospace, bar stock grinding and Automotive Applications.