BOOTH N-6646
IMTS 2018

Booth 6646 Virtual Tour

Welcome to booth6646, and also booth The employees of Royal Master Grinders are proud to have the opportunity to showcase seven different projects.
TG-12×8 Hi-Accuracy Centerless Grinder

The first as you look from the main aisle at IMTS is the TG-12×8 Hi-Accuracy system. This project is one that was inspired by a project that we did for a German customer, also grinding multiples of this exact part. The customer had asked for a Centerless grinder that can efficiently grind multiple parts while employing a simple solution for loading. While they used a vibratory bowl to supply the robot with enough parts to run 24 -7, for the show we have simply pulled the parts from Pallets. This same customer is using their TG-12×8 to gather data using the advanced machine optimization software ( AMO ) to keep tabs on their production rates. He was once famous for telling me that 8.3 seconds part to part vs  8.2 seconds is a lot of euros at the end of a year.  With this process we are grinding 12 parts in less than 30 seconds, or netting one part approximately 2.5 seconds. Now that’s a lot of euros!

TG-12×8 Thrufeed Microsize Machine

Turning around and walking towards the center of the booth you will notice the TG-12×8 Thrufeed machine. The most basic 12×8 still comes on a granite platform, is compact in size with robust spindle design. One recent application is grinding 35mm x 5m NiTi bar stock. The core basics of robust, solid, ridged spindle design greatly outweigh the glitz and glamour of fancy machine controls and “big words” in brochures. When shopping centerless grinders at the show, ask to see the spindles of this machine. Royal Master proudly displays all of our spindles for you to see.

TG-12×4 Bedrock with High Accuracy and CNC Dressers

Turning 180 degrees you will see the TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy machine. You will have to look hard as it is in a sleek enclosure that allows for easy visibility into the machine. When you look inside this machine’s enclosure you will notice a granite platform that’s 8″ thick, and provides a foundation that’s .0002″ flat. Looking to hold submicron tolerances, this is where it all starts. The 6000# machine still maintains many of the Royal Master hallmark features such as its cantilevered spindle for easy wheel changes , straddle bearing Regulating wheel housing, 3 axis CNC dressing on the grinding wheel side, and two axis CNC dressing on the regulating wheel side.  This particular machine is equipped with a lot of bells and whistles including an inclinometer for helix angle reference, gauge feedback, 3D simulations of wheel dressing, and the AMO software package. Looking closer, it is grinding a typical application for this machine, hydraulic valve spools. Their tight tolerances are an ideal fit for the Hi-Accuracy system with its ability to make compensations in .000010″ and attain roundness into the single digits. The valve spools are being loaded into the machine with a modified pick and place loader. What makes this loader so different? The receptacles that are holding the parts are 3D printed. This is a great solution because if you have smaller production runs, or complicated parts a simple markerbot printer can save thousands in tooling costs.

TG-12×4 Jobber

Turning around you will see what looks like two TG-12×4’s, but they… well… look different. The base and bed are larger and there are no hydraulic cylinders. The jobber machine closest  to us has a nicely integrated electrical cabinet and a new HMI. This new operator interface, is 10″ and boasts some of the fastest processing speeds in the industry. This machine is what we call our jobber, an infeed and thrufeed grinder, easy changeovers, and versatile enough for .001″ diameter wires to carbide and PCD oil drilling bits. It is what job shops crave. A system that is versatile, smart and small in floorspace requirements. Its mini makeover for 2016 shows that great thought and care was put into its upgrades. No “stuff” mounted where there was an open space. It is a simple, clean and accurate machine tool.

TG-12×4 Thrufeed

Right next to it is its fraternal twin, another TG-12×4 but with just the basic thrufeed accessories. It has also been stripped of all its bolt on brackets and like the jobber the hydraulics have been eliminated. Its clean and fresh look doesn’t diminish from its accuracy.

Generation 3X with 4th Axis Endodonic File Grinder

Turning slightly to your right is the Generation 3X. The third generation of programmable extreme profile grinders it has 7 axis of grinding capability. The machine is like the original Gen X but with the addition of a fully programmable 4th Axis System.  The 4th axis wheel is for grinding intricate profile features like helical grooves, ring grooves, points, bumps and flats.
The new Royal Master Generation 3X puts an end to the multi-operation process of producing complex part profiles like core pins and endodontic files.  With the primary grinding wheel up to 3” wide mass amounts of stock can be removed, while the secondary wheel  can do the intricate detailing of the part. All of this with just one work holding. The Generation 3X has a user-friendly 17″ touchscreen control with simple Micro Soft Excel Point to Point programming language.  No special skills are needed to program the most complex parts.


Positioned next to the Gen X Grinder is our Part Profile Laser Measurement Gauge. This Gauge is part of our BEDROCK SERIES of machines with its granite bed for Thermal Stability and Rigidity. The gauging process is an automated collection of data points by pulling the part through a LaserLinc brand Laser Micrometer Head while it is attached to a Parker High Speed Linear Servo Motor Table. The result is accurate measurements with intelligent analysis in a simple to use tool.

Accessories Station

Along the back of the display is a Hospitality/Seating area and the Take Apart Machine and Accessories Table. Here we have a “half built” machine with some “cut-away” components allowing you to see and touch some of the inner workings of our grinder. You can really get hands on and change the components, turn them upside down, make your own set-up, examine the new Regulating Wheel Servo Drive System or whatever sparks your curiosity. This is the only machine on the floor not under power and not grinding parts.

AMO – Advanced Machine Optimization

Don’t forget to stop by the Advanced Machine Optimization area of the booth with the orange floor. What’s AMO? It is a process control package that gives the machine user a wealth of knowledge to the grinding process. The  information gathered such as  When is your process running, How much product has your process manufactured? What is your process producing? Management could get this information anytime and anywhere, it could give them the real time status they need.  This would allow managers to keep on top of their production and address any problems as soon as possible. Real time data would help save on costly downtime, warn of potential upcoming service, and verify production. Where do you get all this information? On your smart device IOS, Android or windows browser. Its all that simple.

Hospitality Station

After all of this virtual walking around, perhaps you would like to sit down at the hospitality station. Here we have some coffee or water and light snacks to enjoy while you rest your feet. You may want to just relax and visit for a while or you may want to tell us something about what is on your mind. Here you can answer the question "What's Your Grinding Challenge?"