BOOTH N-6646
IMTS 2018

About Royal Master Grinders

With over 1.2 million square feet of exhibit space to explore at IMTS 2016, and innovative projects such as the Local Motors additive manufacturing car being built, Royal Master Grinders certainly is a small fish is a VERY big pond. However time after time, we are happy to see many familiar faces, some stop in to say hello, others come to see whats new, many to make a simple statement, “I have this project”. Those four words is what Royal Master prepares for, more than nine months ahead of the September opening of IMTS.

Back in January, Todd, our lead engineer, and I sat down and had a conversation laying out IMTS 2016. We had a plan in place to bring a completely new product offering, as well as a general outline of what we wanted to demonstrate to our customers. One thing is never a question, will we actually grind parts at the show.

Since IMTS began, and the machine colors had to be IMTS grey or admission would not be granted, Royal Master Grinders, ALWAYS ground parts at the show. There is no better way to demonstrate to a customer how our centerless grinder works by showing them the part making contact with the wheels, coolant flowing. Grinding air, or telling customers that the stock removal would be .010″ on a part is different than making the part contact the wheels, removing .010” stock, while the customer nods their head in approval. Royal Master will be grinding on all of our machines at IMTS 2016.

Making centerless grinders since 1950 has given us almost six and a half decades of changes in engineering, but the common threads throughout this time has always been, grinding wheel, regulating wheel and work rest blade. It all starts and finishes there. That is why when we set out on our new project, that’s where we started again.

Royal Master’s core business has changed over the decades to a company that makes not only produces basic centerless grinders, but our engineering team has enabled us to produce systems for global companies that make some of the most integral components that enhance your everyday lives. We enjoy a challenge. The customer that approaches us with the impossible part configuration, the fast cycle time requirements, and the tolerance that makes other take a step back, and quickly state, “you better call Royal Master.” That’s our type of challenge!

We invite you to visit our virtual booth or our actual booth in Chicago. Feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee, bottle of water or just to say hello. We have a lot of interesting and innovative new products and accessories at the booth this year for you to interact with.

We encourage you to visit our corporate web site to learn more about Royal Master, and our Blog for up to date articles on what we are doing to prepare for IMTS 2016.

Enjoy the web site and hope to see you the week of September 12th!